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Ray Gosling - Sum Total

Sum Total

Ray Gosling

Pub: 2nd August 2004
ISBN 1-90459005-5

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Ray Gosling wrote the lyrical piece, Sum Total in 1962 when he was just 22-years-old. It captures the nation in that moment in time - a society fixed in class, religion and chimney stacks of the manufacturing industry. Society seemed set, fixed, yet himself and the other boys on the bottom rung felt a revolutionary fervour - they were going to rock and roll the world in favour of new life.

Aside from his writing, Ray has more than 100 television documentaries and over 1,000 radio programmes to his name, and is known to millions. His documentary career began with series with titles such as Who Owns Britain?, The Heavy Side of Town and Battle for the Slums. He travelled widely, to New Zealand, Turkey, Bangladesh, France, United States, and 'everywhere but everywhere in Pakistan'.

But England was and still is his first love, and some of his best work is the wonderful portraits he made of 'the English'. From the builder with a helicopter, to a young Julie Burchill, to interviews with Enoch Powell, back to the gardener in Kingsbridge, and the bailiffs in Marylebone.

He returned to television recently with his touchingly honest documentary for the BBC about his own financial plight, Bankrupt.

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